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Executive Leadership

Jerry Peterson, Executive Director

Mark Erwin-McCormick, Director of Development & Advancement

Pamela Alexander, Director of Programs

Jessie Fullenkamp, Director of Research & Training

Second Stories Drop In Center

Candice Gibson, Director of Youth Outreach & Advocacy

Alexa Ariazi, Second Stories Drop In Manager

Wil Bowen, Community Engagement Manager

Martha Erwin, Resource Coordinator

Ruth Ellis Health & Wellness Center

Behavioral Health Director, Monica Sampson

Pediatrician, Dr. Maureen Connolly, HFHS

Mental Health Professional, Ashley Kuroiwa

Case Manager, Khelli Wade

Ruth’s House

Residential Director, Dr. Staci Hirsch

Carol Holcomb, Residential Manager

Jamiesha Benson, Residential Social Worker

Gracie Zweng, Direct Care II

Kelli Craig, Direct Care

Monique Harris, Direct Care

Cedric McClain, Direct Care

Deidre Smith, Direct Care

Kasyera Kowalczyk, Direct Care

Vonametre Sutton, Direct Care

Rose Carver, Direct Care

Kiantay Winston, Direct Care

Talissa Maxwell, Direct Care


Family Group Decision Making (FGDM)/
Family Preservation Program

Dr.Caitlin Ryan, Director, Family Acceptance Project

Laurel Blume, FGDM Coordinator

Justin Jerome-Phillips, FGDM Advocate

Barbara McCowin, Parent Support Partner

National Caucus & Center on Black Aging (NCBA) Trainees

Tony Dabne, Reception

Michael Wyatt, Janitor

Administrative Staff

Accounting, Renee Sturdivant

Human Resources Manager, Nick Davis-Piotrowski

Communications Manager, I’Sha Schultz

Volunteer Coordinator, Katy Greer

Administrative Assistant, Brittany Hodges

Reception, Allynne Johnson