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Whether it be a fundraiser, training, or open house, we would love to meet you! Special events are a great way to get involved and have an impact on the lives of the young people we serve. Check back often for upcoming events.

Catfight for the Crown is an elaborate, “tongue in cheek” drag show “beauty” pageant that features amateur performers as contestants fighting for the title of Miss Kitty. The concept behind this show is to bring forward a unique, over-the-top, entertaining and interactive way of raising critical funding to support an incredible cause, while 8 contestants battle it out for the coveted title! In true Ruth Ellis Center form, this event is also designed to celebrate all forms of identity and expression. Catfight is a spin-off of a very successful fundraiser in Los Angeles that began in the 80’s titled Battle for the Tiara. The original event generated more than $1,000,000 to support Aid for Aids during its reign.

Proceeds generated from Catfight for the Crown will be designated to support the capital campaign for the Ruth Ellis Health & Wellness Center (HWC). The HWC provides affirming and accessible mental health and primary care services including acute care, chronic disease management, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, and gender-affirming hormones at no cost to LGBTQ young people. Young people can come to Ruth Ellis to have dinner, take a shower, use the computer, get free clothing and food boxes, and, most importantly, build community in a safe space. With the development of the HWC, they can now receive physical and mental health services in an environment in which they are already comfortable and which stands in sharp contrast to traditional clinical environments in which they may experience stigma or outright rejection. To make a gift in support of the Ruth Ellis Health & Wellness Center please click the pink button below. To purchase tickets to Catfight for the Crown, please scroll down to the ticket form and select your desired ticket option and quantity.